A project about place.

Where you are, right now, has a story to tell.
A story written by your presence, and how it makes you feel.
Use your senses. Go to the place or visit from here.
How you use it is up to you. 

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Videos: a taste of the place in about a minute.

Central Business District

Urban Wilderness
(coming soon)

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Audio narratives vary in length (up to 6 minutes). 

Central Business District


Urban Wilderness
(coming soon)


This place is about
the way places shape us,
and how we shape places.

Let that sink in…

Where are you right now?
In a room, on a sidewalk, floating on a river?

Wherever you are, that place is speaking to you.
What do you hear?

Our hope is that, in some way, you make every place yours.

Go beyond this screen.
But, huzzah to the internet
for bringing you here.

walkwithme is a nonprofit.
Your donation helps us
take you to new places. 

Idea, comment? Give us a shout.


Thanks to Visit Knoxville, the Central Business Improvement District, local businesses
and individuals who support this project. 

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Produced by Wide Lens (Bob Deck and Amy Gibson)
with RB Morris (Knoxville's Poet Laureate)
and Jack Neely (historian)